Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our First Touch

The big blue house has been so wonderful to live in but the first thing that had to go was some of the blue walls!  My main priority was (and is) to finish the main floor before doing the hard work that the upstairs requires.  With that being said, the kitchen was the big blue room that had to be conquered.  
The countertops have beautiful flecks of color that will be the muse for the formal dining room, but the kitchen also needed to be painted a color that would tie together all of the existing elements of the newly renovated space.  All of the kitchen appliances are new and white in finish, the countertops are pictured above and the cabinets are a deep espresso finish.  The bright blue walls starkly contrasted with the cabinets and countertops but the color we chose created a perfect balance.
I chose this neutral olive paint for the kitchen to bring out the earthy tones in the finishes and to bring the whole room together to a cohesive look.  Below are some before and after pictures.  I am still in the process of finding new light covers (for above the bar) and getting white paint for the door that leads outside as well as small finishing touches.  For now, I am just relishing in the little "footprint" I am able to leave on this beautiful place that we call home :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Big Blue House

 A fitting name, it seems, for our new home we just purchased.  We are lucky enough to call this 1890 beauty our own!  From the outside, you'll see a stunning two-story home with white framed windows and blue siding. The front porch welcomes you through the blue door to the house with many blue walls.  While I can appreciate a flowing color palette in a home, I am afraid the blue is a little overpowering.  I have to admit, that while walking through the home, I am prone to humming Eiffel 65-I'm Blue.  

I have no intentions to kick the color completely to the curb because I can't deny that I favor the shade when it is used correctly.  My hopes are to bring not only a family full of life and love to this home but also a few more colors as well.  The dining room will be transformed from the classic cool shades to a warm and welcoming place for fellowship.  I have been greatly inspired by a design by Celerie Kemble that can be found here: Celerie Kemble: Elegant Apartment

The natural light in this home makes any room come to life.  For a calm oasis in the master bedroom, I plan to incorporate shade like Sherwin-Williams Bathe Blue along with warm browns and other neutral.  As I am learning more I also hope to mix patterns, textures, and other mediums to create the perfect getaway.  The high ceilings and original hardwood floors are components I intend to highlight and use to pull the whole look together.

Some places in the home are in need of more love than others but this big blue house is in luck.  I cannot wait to get my hands dirty and put my creative mind to work on this space.  With time I plan to share the progress on the home room by room here on my blog so that you can see my design process and style.  More important than the things that fill the home I am eager to make memories in it with my family beside me. What's to come is where the fun is. 

You are my hiding place and my shield: I wait for Your word. Psalms 119:114 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Inspiration

Joanna Gaines 3 Little Pigs House

I have been greatly inspired by the work of Joanna Gaines. I not only love the practical yet classy look that she is able to achieve in every design but I find myself lost in the awe of the old mixed with the new.  Each design comes out looking like something straight from a magazine but in a way that leaves you craving to call it home. Many of her designs can be found on her blog : https://magnoliamarket.com/blog/ .  My personal favorite room is pictured to the left, I was able to find this picture on her blog from a house deemed "The 3 Little Pigs House."